KONE MRL (Machine-Room-Less) LIFT :

  • Requires no Machine-Room
  • Motor sits inside the shaft, between the guiderail and shaft wall
  • Easy to install

Benefits to customer:

  • Save money on machine-room construction
  • Save time by not constructing machine-room
  • Utilize machine-room for other purpose (e.g. store room) if already made


KONE MRL vs COMPETITORS’ Machine Room Less Systems:

  • The KONE Machine Room Less motor sits between the GUIDERAIL and the SHAFT WALL
  • Competitors’ Machine Room Less motor sits on top of the I-BEAM above the cabin
  • KONE Machine Room Less system requires only 3.5 feet of headroom space
  • Competitors’ Machine Room Less systems require a lot more headroom space (between 5.5 to 6.5 feet)


Competitors’ Machine Room Less System

Video : KONE MRL (click to view)