The Basic collection is meant for buildings that need. functional designs which are at once simple and stylish . At KONE we optimize the lift designs for your satisfaction . A choice of single color and dual color painted walls add interesting variation and helps in matching the car to your building. For a more durable , attractive and  outlook for the car opt for the stainless steel collection . Both spot lights and diffused light ceilings are. available to enhance the lighting and match your ambience. Because Choice of strong and mild airflow are meant to meet your specific ventilation requirements. Choice of Handrails and Mirrors add to variety .

The KD S 50 series of signalization is provided as a standard and the new KSS 280 series can be selected as an option to add a touch of class to your elevator car.

Note :

  • For the design collection car sizes are available and in general from 4 passenger to 17 passenger and Some specific designs may have restrictions in size. please confirm with our sales team . CONTACT US TODAY
  • Glass cars shown here are available up to 1600mm car width .
  • For 33033P3Z Blue flow glass car ,33032P3Y Classing Bamboo glass and  the available car width is limited to 1400 mm
  • All design collection shown here are with automatic and car doors. For other type please contact our sales team .
  • The quantity and fans will vary according  to the car sizes selected .
  • Ceilings have two types of fans. Axial flow fans are centrally mounted with diffuses for strong air flow  and Cross flow fans are mounted on the sides and provide mild airflow.
  • KONE reserves the rights to make changes in design with equivalent components due to changes in supply of materials and for improvements .
  • The car panel and component layout shown against each design  and collection is for specific car size only . For Details CONTACT US TODAY

The Lift Designs we provide in Bangladesh are the best in the business and choose from your desired life designs to stay connected with us for the excellent service that we provide.