Smooth Ride Comfort for Elevators in Bangladesh

For the Best Possible Passenger experience 

Every Aspect of the N MonoSpace is designed to add real value to your building and maximize comfort , safety and convenience for passengers . The renewed KONE Eco disc hoisting machine is contemplated by a wide range of other upgrades that are designed to deliver industry leading ride comfort year after year .

1.  Renewed Machinery and brakes

  • The new, highly reliable motor control system further improves ride comfort , with smooth acceleration and deceleration , and highly accurate car leveling for elevators in Bangladesh
  • The renewed braking system ensures a comfortable , safe , quiet ride , while also minimizing noise transfer to the surrounding areas .
  • The new brake test functionality automatically checks brake condition daily . This helps to further improves safety and reliability . 

Redesigned Hoisting System for minimum Vibration and noise 

Centralized low friction hoisting cuts noise and vibration , improving comfort for passengers and minimizing disturbance to the surrounding areas. 

Improved car structure with even better noise isolation

The renewed car structure has been designed with special attention to noise isolation that ensures a smooth and quiet ride

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