We KONE Bangladesh is One of the Best Elevator Company in Bangladesh .Our designs are inspired by excellence in the industry . The KONE I MonoSpace comes as a compact range with standard variants and all based on the five natural elements. The Simple specifications lead to an easy and uncomplicated selection process because there are various models to choose from to make it easy for you we offer you the best in the market with easy selectable options. With kone I MonoSpace deciding on what suits your building best is never a time consuming , complex task .

  • S S celling & the vandal resistant S S wall panel options available for MilkyWay range .
  • All cards come with powder coated round rand rail (HR 64S) as standard , Flat handrail (HR 20 ) is optional . Round handrail HR 64S is also available is S S finish as optional.
  • Granite flooring is optional (customer scope )

Also the KONE I MonoSpace features the KDS 90 signalization which adds a dash of elegance and gives a contemporary look to the elevator . Also KDS 90 Signalization is a full height , flush signalization that creates an increased space effect and gives a ‘more wall’ feeling, enhancing the overall effect . So For all your desired lifts contact our elevator company in Bangladesh  . Please click below the link to contact :